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Tue, Feb. 1st, 2005, 10:46 am
ny_xx: Beau Smith Leaves Idw Publishing

Beau Smith has left his position as IDW Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Smith issued a press release announcing the move. According to the release, his prospects seem limited. "I'm a free agent. Freelance," he said. "I'll be gettin' fitted for my blue vest at Wal-Mart this afternoon....It's going to be just like the movie The Magnificient Seven, only without the other six guys and the magnificent part," Smith grumbled as he cut up his IDW credit card.

Those with long memories can be forgiven for being skeptical about Smith's lack of prospects, recalling that his announcement that he was leaving Todd McFarlane Productions a few years back (see "Beau Smith Leaves Todd McFarlane Productions") was followed one day later with the announcement that he was joining IDW (see "Beau Smith Joins IDW"), effectively getting covered in two consecutive news cycles for one job change.
coutesy of Icv2