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Tue, Jan. 25th, 2005, 07:17 pm

In this week’s Wizard, confirmation is finally made that Ghost Rider will get his wheels back, courtesy of Garth Ennis and Clayton Crain (who will paint the miniseries). The project will take shape as a six issue miniseries coming out through the Marvel Knights imprint, according to the article.

Ghost Rider’s alter ego for the project: Johnny Blaze. Ennis rationale: he’s only ever read the original comics, and has no connection or attachment to Danny Ketch. According to Ennis, the storyline for the miniseries starts in Hell, with Blaze paying for selling his soul (which originally gave him his supernatural powers). In order to escape, Blaze agrees to hunt a runaway demon down on earth, and then becomes embroiled in a plot involving minions and Heaven, Hell, and everywhere in between.

According to the article, the miniseries is slated to launch in September, which, barring any delays, will have the final issue out in February, and a trade either later that month, or in March of 2006. It’s Marvel’s (and DC’s, as many Bat-projects are slated for release this summer) strategy at work again – provide a strong comic book tie-in for movie audiences, as the Ghost Rider movie is slated for a summer, 2006 release.

On the movie front, Ghost Rider is slated to start filming on January 31st, and wrap by early June. According to reports, Sony is looking for the Nicolas Cage starrer to be a summer release. Ghost Rider will be directed by Mark Steven Johnson, who directed Daredevil.

On January 15th, Johnson posted a message on the Super Hero Hype.com message boards, updating readers on the status of the movie, which will film in Melbourne, Australia.

Johnson wrote:

“So, first off. Casting. Mr. Cage will be Johnny Blaze. Take it from me. That's a done deal. And I could not be happier. Nic is in the shape of his life. Lean and mean, like a motorcycle stunt rider should. I've cast a few more parts but I should wait until the official announcements come (very soon)…

"The Budget. Nice to see that we've been "upgraded" from a $40 million dollar movie to a $51 million dollar movie! Maybe that's enough for a Dazzler movie but not for a Ghost Rider movie! Seriously, this is an event movie. And Sony knows how to make them right. Rest assured. That is not the budget. Not by a long shot.

"Johnny vs. Danny. The great thing about making a Ghost Rider movie is that I get to take the best from both the Johnny Blaze and the Danny Ketch versions of the comic. So even though I am telling the Johnny Blaze origin story, there are elements of the Danny Ketch stories that I love and will include in the movie (so don't worry, Flamehead! Your beloved Danny Ketch will be there in spirit!). Caretaker will be there. And Blackheart [already announced as being played by Wes American Beauty Bently]. But so will Mephisto and Roxanne and the Quentin Carnival.

"The script. People have mentioned the old David Goyer draft. Goyer wrote two really interesting versions of a Ghost Rider movie. I'd go to see either one of them. But my version is my own. The script is much closer to the comic. But at the same time, it's much more of a Western. A Supernatural Western is, I think, about the coolest idea ever. The Ghost Rider needs that open road as well as the city. I feel that is what makes him unique -- that he's a rider. Think Mad Max. Unforgiven. We have huge battles in the city but, ultimately, they will end up out in the desert.

"The Hellcycle. Well, it's simply unbelievable. It's sculpt is finished and it went into the molds last week. It's the Chopper from Hell. No doubt about it. This is the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life. The toys and the video game are already in the works and they are going to kick ass!”

Click on the link above for the full post from Johnson. The full article (with a ful page preview of art) about the Marvel Knights miniseries appears in this week’s Wizard #161.

Tue, Jan. 4th, 2005, 08:27 pm

Perhaps confirming long-lived rumors of an impending close, official word came today that Dreamwave productions, home to Pat Lee as well as the Transformer license, is closing shop.

The e-mail was sent to various press outlets from a new aol account rather than normal channels for Dreamwave communication. Dreamwave's official website, http://www.dreamwaveprod.ca/ has been shut down.

The release, if true, would come as fairly small surprise to many observers, as the company had reprotedly slowed or stopped paying freelancers (as reported by Rich Johnston in Lying in the Gutters at www.comicbookresources.com), and many Dreamwave staffers and creators, when asked by Newsarama about problems with the company said they were waiting for studio head, Pat Lee to release official word of the shutdown.

Roger Lee, co-founder of Dreamwave, has registered and opened the website, http://www.dreamengine.ca/

The studio was/is due to ship the first issue of its Beast Wars miniseries this month, as well as a relaunch of its Warlands property, as well as continue its ongoing Transformers series.

The press release reads:

Dreamwave Productions announced today that after eight years in the comics industry, four of which they were self-published, they will be ceasing operations.

Established in 1996 by brothers Pat and Roger Lee, Dreamwave infused a stagnant comic book market with art and design that effortlessly combined the then dominant “American” art style with the newly emerging Japanese “Manga” art style. Since then, the company had grown to become one of the comic book industry’s premiere publishers, producing a variety of original titles.

In 2002, Dreamwave firmly established itself in the comic industry as a force to be reckoned with when it launched an all-new Transformers comic’s line. The return of the 80’s icons shattered industry sales records, skyrocketing the book to the number one sales slot for an impressive six months. The Toronto-based company’s other successful licenses included Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Duel Masters from Japan, as well as properties like Devil May Cry and Mega Man from video game giant Capcom Entertainment.

President of Dreamwave Productions, Pat Lee stated “there are a number of reasons for my decision to close Dreamwave”, citing that “the shrinking comic book market combined with a weak U.S. dollar and unsustainable monetary commitments has finally proven to be too financially taxing.”

As the only Canadian independent comics publisher, Dreamwave Productions has struggled in recent years to maintain its status within a relentlessly shrinking comic book market. Unfortunately, consistently diminishing sales totals over the last several years have taken their toll on the small publisher and made it impossible to continue.

The specific details for closure have not yet been released but Lee assures both fans and clients alike that “although this is the end of Dreamwave as a comics publisher, I will still be penciling a number of new exciting projects in conjunction with other studios in the upcoming years.”

Newsarama Note: Dreamwave's claim of being the "Canadian independent comics publisher" is somewhat misleading, as Arcana, UDON, and the recently launched Speakeasy are all headquartered in Canada.

Tue, Jan. 4th, 2005, 09:48 am
ny_xx: Will Eisner pASSES AWAY

Newsarama has learned that comic legend Will Eisner died due to complications from heart surgery performed on December 22nd. Eisner had undergone quadruple bypass surgery, and was last reported to be recovering well.

Eisner was 87 years old, and was still actively working. His latest graphic novel, The Plot was due to be released later this year.

Newsarama will relay more information as it becomes available

Sun, Dec. 19th, 2004, 01:10 am

According to the AP, Todd McFarlane has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection from creditors on Friday, December 17th.

The AP writes: The Tempe, Arizona, company lists a 15 (m) million-dollar claim by former National Hockey League player Tony Twist as its largest creditor.

Last July, a St. Louis jury awarded Twist that money after concluding that McFarlane and his company profited by using Twist's name without permission.

McFarlane gave a New York mob boss character the name Antonio ``Tony Twist'' Twistelli in his Spawn comic books in the early 1990s.

Given McFarlane's major foray into sports, appropriately, ESPN.com has a report up as well, saying that in 2003, the seven businesses that make up McFarlane's business had annual sales exceeding $50 million.

As regular Newsarama readers unfortunatley know by now, Chapter 11 means that the company can continue to operate while it reorganizes its business plan, and is protected from creditors. As with Tampa-based CrossGen earlier this year, McFarlane now must file a plan with the US bankruptcy court which outlines how the company will reorganize, and address creditors' claims.

From ESPN.com: The filing also lists McFarlane's toy company, a related business, as the second-largest creditor, being owed $683,902. Nine contract artists are owed about $60,000 and a collection agency is owed about $7,700."

According to court papers acquired by Newsarama, McFarlane is claiming the total assets of TMP to be between $1 and $10 million, and total debt between $10 and $50 million.

Among the largest unsecured creditors listed by TMP in the filing:

Angel Medina, artist, $3,960.00
Brian Haberlin, artist, $13,600.00
Brian Holgiun, artist, $8,800.00
Comicraft, letterers, $2,200.00
Danny Miki, artist, $4,070.00
Greg Capullo, artist, $18,250.00
Greg Scott, artist, $1,750.00
Jay Fotos, artist, $5,600.00
McFarlane Toys (intercompany debt), $683,901.55
Neil Gaiman, litigation claim, unknown
Tom Orzechowski, artist, $2,200.00
Tony Twist, litigation claim, disputed, $15,000,000.00

The first meeting of creditors is scheduled for January 25th, 2005. Among the filings made by McFarlane's lawyers is a motion to allow McFarlane to continue his appeal process against the $15 million judgement won by Twist.

McFarlane has also filed a motion for a December 20th hearing on several motions - mostly stays from claims that will allow TMP to continue normal operations while reorganization is in process.


Mon, Dec. 13th, 2004, 11:09 am

Press Release

MFORMA Group, Inc. and leading global entertainment licensing company Marvel Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE: MVL) signed a licensing agreement that will bring Marvel's catalog of world famous entertainment brands to mobile phone users throughout the world. This landmark agreement was announced today by Daniel Kranzler, MFORMA CEO, and Tim Rothwell and Bruno Maglione, presidents, respectively, of Marvel Worldwide Consumer Products and Marvel International.

The agreement calls for MFORMA to publish an extensive portfolio of mobile entertainment products based on many of Marvel's iconic characters as they appear in movies, television, video games and comic books which will be available in all domestic and international territories, except for Japan. As part of the agreement, MFORMA will co-publish selected Marvel-based mobile games with Activision, one of the world's leading video game publishers. Activision brings a rich heritage of developing, publishing, and marketing blockbuster video games based on popular brands, including Marvel's major properties. The MFORMA/Marvel multi-year global product plan identifies mobile entertainment applications of every kind and represents one of the most far-reaching publishing programs seen in the mobile industry.

"Nothing like this has ever before been done in mobile," said Daniel Kranzler, MFORMA CEO. "Today, the market and mobile technology has matured to the point that a deal of this magnitude is possible. We have spent the last year expanding and building our global distribution and production capabilities so that we can serve the needs of an entertainment powerhouse like Marvel. Marvel brands routinely turn gold at the box office and in console gaming and they will do the same in mobile around the world-in Europe, North and South America, and most of Asia. We are pleased beyond words to be working with Marvel and Activision on this fantastic and perfectly-timed opportunity to catapult mobile entertainment to mainstream status all over the world."

Marvel's instantly recognizable characters represent one of the world's most powerful brand franchises. The Marvel/MFORMA relationship will bring the entire universe of classic Marvel characters (with the exception of The Punisher family of characters) to hundreds of millions of mobile phone users worldwide. This includes such world renowned heroes as Spider-Man™, X-Men™, Fantastic Four™, Incredible Hulk™, Captain America™, Daredevil™, Iron Man™, Blade™, Ghost Rider™, Elektra™ and many more of Marvel's more than 5,000 characters. The MFORMA/Marvel product lineup runs the full gamut of mobile entertainment products, including action, adventure, RPG and trading card games, images, screensavers, graphics, ring tones, voice tones, mobile greeting cards, mobile comic books, phone functions, virtual character simulations, and community and lifestyle applications.

In addition to distributing the new Marvel content through MFORMA's global network of more than 100 wireless operators in 39 countries, MFORMA will create and host Marvel Mobile, a branded wireless and online website featuring informational, promotional and transactional links to all Marvel Mobile content. Marvel Mobile will have its home on the Internet within www.marvel.com. Subscribers to the Marvel Mobile channel will have access to all Marvel Mobile products, plus unique community applications and features, special collectible items, Marvel news alerts and chat rooms, fan clubs and mobile commerce options that will open up access to all of the activity taking place in the Marvel Universe.

"Mobile is a major new entertainment medium and our objective all along has been to enter this new space on a grand scale with an ambitious partner capable of putting together a holistic program across the various developing technologies and applications in the wireless space. We believe MFORMA is capable of delivering on that objective and we are thrilled to be working with them," commented Tim Rothwell, president of Marvel Worldwide Consumer Products.

Bruno Maglione, president of Marvel International added: "Wireless entertainment has been talked about for several years now, but we have really seen the industry starting to break into the mainstream in this past year and we expect that trend to continue into 2005 and beyond. Accordingly, the timing is right for Marvel to develop its presence in this medium especially as our brands synch perfectly with the most popular emerging applications and the user profile we see developing. With MFORMA as our partner, we expect success for Marvel brands in wireless just as we have achieved in the video game arena."

"Marvel will be a force in mobile, just as they have been a force in every other medium they have entered," said Matt Edelman, MFORMA's SVP of publishing and architect of the deal. "Our existing Marvel-branded mobile offering based on X-Men, which was co-published with Activision, has been very successful and I see that the possibilities of what we can create and deliver based on Marvel's rich, diverse, and fascinating set of characters are endless. The built-in audience is huge and global, and we will provide something for everyone. Our plan is expansive and includes every form of mobile entertainment so we can establish each Marvel property as a mobile franchise in its own right."

Activision and MFORMA will co-publish key titles based on rights Activision had previously acquired from Marvel. The two will jointly publish mobile games based on Spider-Man™, X-Men™, Fantastic Four™ and Iron Man™. The agreement between MFORMA and Activision extends a pre-existing agreement and collaboration that successfully brought Marvel's X-Men to wireless last year in the form of a mobile video game based on the highly successful X-Men movie sequel, "X2" by Twentieth Century Fox. Activision's Marvel-branded video games have proven to be enormously successful, selling more than 15 million copies since 2001.

"Our strategic alliance with Marvel has resulted in some of the most successful Super Hero™ video games ever," said Dave Anderson, senior director of business development, Activision, Inc. "The co-publishing relationship with MFORMA strengthens Activision's commitment to the super hero genre and allows us to continue developing exceptional Marvel-based games for mobile phone users worldwide."

Marvel franchises will have a significant presence in the film and video game worlds well into the future, and MFORMA, Marvel and Activision will collaborate to leverage each and every important media event. The first products to be delivered under the agreement will be a suite of mobile products based on the Blade Trinity film from New Line Cinema, which is to be released in theaters on December 8, 2004. In January 2005, a second suite of products based on the movie Elektra by New Regency/Twentieth Century Fox will be introduced. In the summer, another suite of products based on the upcoming blockbuster "Fantastic Four" from Twentieth Century Fox and a corresponding video game from Activision will join the lineup. Additional titles coming in the near future include products based on Incredible Hulk, to be released in conjunction with a video game from Vivendi Universal Games, and Ultimate Spider-Man, tied into a next-generation video game from Activision. MFORMA and Marvel will collaborate on marketing programs to help promote the availability of Marvel mobile products to consumers worldwide.

"Mobile entertainment has been successful thus far because it has evolved to take advantage of not only the advancing technology of mobile phones, but also the advancing interests of mobile users who are always looking for the next big thing," said Edelman. "Marvel Mobile represents the next big thing and we believe mobile users will love what they find there."

Added Kranzler, "We are pleased to be Marvel's exclusive mobile publishing partner for a majority of its characters, enabling them to have their brands published around the world in all forms of mobile content. We have reached a level of global distribution capability today where it is possible to handle publishing and distribution for Marvel and other global brand holders such as Activision and leading movie studios on a truly global basis."

Thu, Dec. 9th, 2004, 10:17 am

Press Release


It’s official: Marvel Comics’ The New Avengers #1 has sold out! Diamond Distributors confirms a complete sell-through of the entire first-print run of the House of Ideas’ hot new super-hero series.

The New Avengers spins out of Avengers: Disassembled, the cataclysmic ending to the long-running series. The new title relates the events that bring together a new team of Avengers, comprised of some of Marvel’s most popular characters and foundational heroes: Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Man, Luke Cage, and more.

Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada is jubilant over the news and has specific praise for those who made it happen. “We at Marvel greatly appreciate every single one of you who bought New Avengers #1, fan and retailer alike, and we hope you agree with us that it was one enjoyable read.”

New Avengers writer Brian Michael Bendis and series editor Tom Brevoort were equally happy at hearing the inaugural issue had sold out. “In a million, billion years I could never have hoped for the amazing week we had with the debut of this book,” said Bendis. “I am so proud to be associated with David Finch, Danny Miki, Frank D’Armata, Tom Brevoort, and Andy Schmidt. They gave this book everything they had. My undying thanks to Joe and Dan for going full blast with this and to the creators who came before us who created these amazing characters in the first place.” Brevoort added, “It’s gratifying to know that so many people are interested in New Avengers and what the future holds for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Here’s a hint: Snikt!”

Retailers are also giving the book high marks. Ed Katschke, Manager of Monarch’s Cards & Comic in Toledo, Ohio, said he was “pleasantly surprised” by the enthusiasm and sales generated by the first issue. “Most fans from my store are really intrigued by Bendis and Finch’s new direction and are looking forward to the new configuration of the Avengers. At this point, I’m selling nearly 3 times my pre-Bendis numbers on the book and after reading the first issue I’m anticipating a strong sell-through on the proceeding issues,” reports Katschke.

Internet comic book message boards have been buzzing over the introduction of the new all-star Avengers team. Fan Terry Anderson of Lexington, Kentucky was excited by the debut. “I really like the artwork here and the story is intriguing,” he posted. “This new direction was a good opening for me to break into with the Avengers. I'm curious how the new team will operate. And I do like the inclusion of Spidey. He and Cap both are more about heart than their powers. I think it is a good nucleus for a team.”

For those who may have missed out on New Avengers #1, Marvel reminds fans that there will be another printing available next week that offers a Joe Quesada variant cover. The cover features the original sketch, now inked and colored, that served as the inspiration for the first printing’s several alternate covers. In addition to the second printing of #1, there is also a special New Avengers #1 Director’s Cut, featuring the original story plus a bevy of extra goodies.

As always, more exciting information on The New Avengers and the Marvel Universe can be found online at Marvel.Com.

FINAL ORDER CUT OFF 12/9 for on sale 12/29/04
FINAL ORDER CUT OFF 12/16 for on sale 1/5/05
FINAL ORDER CUT OFF 12/16 for on sale 1/5/2005

Thu, Dec. 2nd, 2004, 07:32 pm

Press Release

Ashley Wood is one of the most acclaimed illustrators in comic books. His work on Popbot and art books like Grande Fanta have garnered him numerous fans and awards from both the art and comic communities. Now IDW Publishing is very pleased to announce that they will be presenting Swallow: Book One. Swallow is a magazine devoted to modern illustration and the artists that produce it.

The debut issue of Swallow features some of the biggest names in modern illustration, as well as amazing new illustrators you need to discover! The first issue features work by Ash himself, along with George Pratt, Celia Calle, Jeremy Geddes, Phil Hale, Team Kitten, Mike Huddleston, and many more.

“This is the magazine I always want to find when I hit the racks, but don’t,” says Ashley Wood. “Great modern illustrators, extended folios—no single illustrations here! Lots of pictures, that’s what Swallow is about, period!”

Swallow is the perfect opportunity for fans of progressive art to check out lavish artwork that can usually only be found in a gallery. The different styles that are brought together under these two covers will be a feast for the eyes. Ashley Wood’s art has been a cornerstone to the foundation of IDW Publishing’s emphasis on exciting new art styles in the comics world.

Swallow: Book One is a full-color, 120-page magazine on sale in February 2005.
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Sat, Nov. 13th, 2004, 06:18 pm

Well its convention report time. Sorry for the delay in this post. I have been busy with school and work down here in Toronto but I’m back to bring you this cool and big update filled with cool pictures from the event. This event took place in the metro convention center this attracting over 30,000 in attendance for all three days setting records as the largest convention yet. This year was spectacular in fact adding to their lineup was the Rue Morgue horror festival with some really cool guests. For more information on guests that were their and past events go to the nifty website I just provided you http://www.hobbystar.com/ComicConToronto/CC_Main.asp

(IMAGE ONE)To the pictures we go and what a way to start with some dedicated fans dressing up in their favorite characters. In this pic we clearly see Jason Spawn with some Pirate guy and some cool monsters with their jaws actually opening and closing.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

(IMAGE TWO)Dreamwave Productions always has cool setups at conventions but this year I got a little special treatment as these two ladies escorted me around the booth to look at some new and upcoming projects from Dreamwave you can find more information here http://www.dreamwaveprod.ca/!2K4/index.php?home
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

(IMAGE THREE)The famous Andy Lee. This guy is always hyper about painting he’s so lighting quick with his hands does a painting in nearly 30 seconds and it comes out amazing I have always been a fan of his work. Its shame that McFarlane Productions had turned down his submission for Case Files he was originally suppose to be on issues after Paul’s Lees arc. In the first picture we see “simplyJd‘s” Mary she’s usually at every Toronto convention supporting. The last pic we see Little Nicky from the Templesmith Forums he’s a massive Andy Lee fan and heavily influenced by his work. Then you got me floating around in the second pic.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

(IMAGE FOUR)Next up we have another Toronto based publication company BringhtAnvilStudios.Throughtout the convention these guys were giving out FREE sketches to all their fans this booth attracted a lot of comic book fans. In the first pic we see Marvin Law. In the next pic we See Logan Lubera (Marvel age Spiderman) and Craig Yeung (Marvel Age Spiderman) and lastly we see Valentine De Landro.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

(IMAGE FIVE)Here are Four Creators I have tremendous respect for their work. First pic we see Lead Heavy Productions chief Skottie Young (Venom, Human Torch) http://www.ledheavy.com/lh03/index.html Next up we have David”Kabuki”Mack.Hes always excited to sign stuff for his loyal fans I talked to him personally about his moving of kabuki to Marvels Icon imprint. He also showed me some really cool sequential pages of the next alchemy issues and some spoiler details .Next up we got Dreamwave creator and President Pat Lee he’s always busy around the Dreamwave booth signing autographs and drawing some cool sketches I managed to squeeze in and grab a Dante sketch from his new book Devil May cry. And lastly Image Comics Azad he’s always one of cool people telling the fans about Sammy his creator owned project and he let me in on few details on his new project with a certain somebody from Image comics.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

(IMAGE SIX)Aspen Studios such a great comic publisher on the verge of breaking new ground. Ever since Michael Turner left Top Cow him and Aspen Studios have been overwhelmed with good responses especially here at the con.His booth is usually the busiest of them all. First pic we see Cameron Stewart (Sea Guy) drew me a cool sketch. Then we got M.turner and finally Francis Manapul (Witchblade)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

(IMAGE SEVEN)We got some cool people here. First off Steve Niles forums Peter Repovski (FUSED) Drew me a cool cybot sketch its hanging in my room now thank a million Pete! This big mans in comics today the editor in chief for Marvel Comics Joe Quesada. This guy’s lineup was massive as fans started tom lineup 2 hours before he actually arrived. We talked about Daredevil Father and some other books that fans want back on the shelf including Ghostrider.Finaly we have Idw’s Own Nick Postic and Nick Marinkovich these guys made me feel right at home they’re really cool and made you feel comfortable around. They also gave me a really cool sketch and some prints also gave me a couple insider spoiler details in which I can’t spill as of yet but I’ll post some images very soon.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

(IMAGE EIGHT)The final Picture but the last is the best for many reasons. This girl is known to be the horror queen of comics and currently resides in the Rue Morgue mansion. That’s Jen Vuckovic One of the Coolest person I have ever met I was also stunned at those really cool tattoos she has very colorful and who ever did them is a really good artist. More information about Rue Morgue horror and the magazine visit http://www.rue-morgue.com/index.php
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

In an overall conclusion these three days at the convention have been made special by those creators who respect to their fans.It was a really good convention that I enjoyed going to even though the power went out and we had a crime bust but hey its all about fun.
Thanx to all who made it happen and aspecial thanx to those creators who made it a thrill ride.

Wed, Oct. 27th, 2004, 04:49 pm
ny_xx: Blood-Stained Sword Drips Red At IDW Publishing

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Blood-Stained Sword Drips Red At IDW Publishing
Dan Wickline and Ben Templesmith Slash You With Intrigue

San Diego, CA (October 26, 2004) Now and then, the word “innovative” pops up in a press release. Most of the time it’s just hype.

Not this time.

Creators Dan Wickline and Ben Templesmith have combined sci-fi action, technology, and the code of the Samurai to bring the readers Blood-Stained Sword, a film put to print.

In a dark and grim future drunk on high technology, the ways of the past have not been completely forgotten by everyone. Kenji has been trained as a Samurai, sworn to uphold the code of the true warrior. Now he faces the greatest challenge of his life; clearing his father’s name.

He must travel to Seattle, where corporations have replaced clans and greed has won out over honor, to find out the truth behind his father’s
death and bring in those responsible.

About the story’s development, Wickline said, “I’ve always been fascinated with the samurai, not just from a historical point of view, but as a way of life. Their code of honor makes them the perfect protagonist for any story, whether they are on horseback or hover-bike.”

Blood-Stained Sword features 30 Days of Night co-creator Ben Templesmith further expanding his artistic repertoire with this tale of violent
enforcement of the Samurai honor code. The story by Wickline (Metal Hurlant) features cinematic action and the dialogue is crisp and memorable. This book promises to be one of the sleeper hits of the year.

Blood-Stained Sword is a full-color, 48-page one-shot on sale in January 2005.

IDW PUBLISHING is a division of Idea + Design Works, LLC, a revolutionary creative service company with a wide range of clients including The Upper Deck Company, Electronic Arts, Ultima Online, WizKids, Cartoon Network, Sony Online Entertainment, Nickelodeon, and many more. IDW Publishing focuses on a small number of high-quality titles. Among them are CBS’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith's 30 Days of Night and its sequels, Dark Days and Return to Barrow; Ashley Wood's Lore; CVO: Covert Vampiric Operations; Beau Smith's Wynonna Earp; and Steve Niles’ Wake The Dead. Columbia Pictures has optioned the movie rights to 30 Days of Night, with Sam Raimi attached to produce. Konami is producing a video game based on CVO: Covert Vampiric Operations. Dimension Films has optioned the movie rights to Wake The Dead and Hyde. Paramount Pictures has optioned the movie rights to Aleister Arcane.

Wed, Oct. 27th, 2004, 04:43 pm
ny_xx: IDW Publishing Presents Eric Red’s Masterwork — Containment

Posted: Wednesday, October 27
Posted By: Jason Brice
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In Space, You Can’t Stop Zombies, You Can Only Hope To Contain Them

How can you beat zombies in space? How can you top having Eric Red, screenwriter on the horrifying vampire movie Near Dark, creating a comic book where astronauts are millions of miles away in outer space, trying to fight off flesh-eating zombies?

You can’t, so you just sit back and enjoy every creepy moment of it. Eric Red’s Containment is a five-issue miniseries that will join Red, whose past film credits also include The Hitcher and Blue Steel, with noted artist Nick Stakal (Hyde) in a tale that will leave you breathless.

On a manned NASA space ship millions of miles from Earth, a terrifying malfunction occurs in the cryogenic hypersleep pods containing the hibernating astronauts, turning most of the crew into the violently brain-dead. As the handful of surviving astronauts awaken intact from their artificial slumber, they find they must contend with not only murderous zombies but also their own hidden agendas and increasing feelings of isolation and distrust.

“If there’s one thing Eric has done well in his movies, it’s to ratchet up the tension his characters face. And things don’t get much more tense than being trapped on a spaceship with zombies on board,” said IDW Publishing’s Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall. “Nick really helps communicate every bit of the horror and isolation the astronauts face through his moody, expressive art.”

Eric Red’s Containment is a full-color, 32-page, five-issue miniseries beginning in January 2005.


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