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Mon, Nov. 12th, 2007, 05:25 pm
ny_xx: Scorn #2 Reviewed By Aint it Cool News

Scorn #2
Septagon Studios
Review By Ambush Bug

The trail of revenge continues with this issue as our hero Michael and his pair of blazing guns continue to seek out targets for his rage. As with issue one, the story is somewhat simple. It’s a revenge tale where someone is wronged and the only solution seems to be a trip down a path of violence. It’s the art that once again impressed me the most here. Philipp Nuendorf knows how to convey mood with his loose detailings and highly textured and layered renderings. There’s something gritty and real that makes this tale much more than simple revenge fiction.

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Imagination. Creativity. Unleashed.
For Readers. For Creators. For Everyone.

Septagon Studios, Inc. is a publishing company founded in early 2003 by company President and C.E.O Nicola Defina with his two cousins, Philip Defina (Vice President and Art Director) and Domenic Defina (Consultant/Art Direction). Septagon Studios has carefully positioned itself to occupy a historic place in the industry, and combining comic book publishing with creator services is just the start.

Visit Septagon Studios, Inc. online at http://www.septagonstudios.com.

Mon, Apr. 30th, 2007, 11:24 am

Winners receive Scorn prize package, and be displayed at Paradise Comicon in Toronto! 

TORONTO, ONTARIO (April 30, 2007) -- Septagon Studios, Inc. announces the June 2007 Paradise Comicon “SHOW YOUR STUFF” Contest, offering creators a chance to have their artwork displayed and viewed by comic book fans and professionals at the best comic show in Toronto!

Septagon Studios is anxiously awaiting your best cover illustrations or sequential. We want to bring artwork of various styles to the largest celebration of comics in Toronto: the Paradise Comicon on June 8-10 at Exhibition Place.

We will be selecting four cover illustrations and four sequential images to be displayed in our portfolio as upcoming talent from within the comic book industry. To enter the contest, simply register at http://forums.septagonstudios.com and post your artwork in the specific threads and forums.

“Septagon Studios wants to be a vehicle for artists and creators to get their work exposed,” said Nick Defina, president and C.E.O. of Septagon Studios, Inc. “We understand how competitive the industry has become; we are here to share that same spotlight as those many artists, and creators who have a passion for art and comic books. Not only is this your chance to showcase your work, it also is an opportunity to show your potential your imagination, and your creativity.”

Creators should read the guidelines before submitting samples. All entries will be based on creativity, originality, and freedom of expression. We encourage all applicants to use their full potential. Feel free to use any type of media to create your artwork – there are no restrictions. A complete list of guidelines can be found at http://forums.septagonstudios.com/viewtopic.php?t=361.

The deadline for submissions is May 25 at midnight EST.

Winners will be chosen one week prior to the event, and two grand prize winners will receive the following:

- Scorn #1.
- Limited Edition Lithograph.
- Artwork displayed first in its category within the portfolio (Covers/Sequentials).
- Artwork displayed on Septagon Studios Web site.
- Press release and media exposure announcing the winners.

- Artwork displayed exclusively on the Septagon Studios Web site.
- Artwork displayed randomly in its category within the portfolio for the Comicon. (Covers/Sequentials)

The Paradise Comicon is Toronto’s largest convention that focuses only on comics and sequential art, and has been selected year-after-year by fans and professionals as the best Toronto comic convention! For more details on this year’s Paradise Comicon, visit them online at http://www.torontocomicon.com!

For more information on Septagon Studios, visit their Web site at http://www.septagonstudios.com – and watch your local comic shops for exciting titles to be released soon!

# # # #

Imagination. Creativity. Unleashed. For Readers. For Creators. For Everyone.

Septagon Studios, Inc. is a publishing company founded in early 2003 by company President and C.E.O Nicola Defina with his two cousins, Philip Defina (Vice President and Art Director) and Domenic Defina (Art Consultant). Septagon Studios has carefully positioned itself to occupy a historic place in the industry, and combining comic book publishing with creator services is just the start.

Visit Septagon Studios, Inc. online at http://www.septagonstudios.com.

Sat, Mar. 19th, 2005, 10:01 pm
ny_xx: Welcome to The Official Launch of Nyxxunderground

Well folks after long hours and hard work by my team we are Launching Nyxxunderground your source for the scavenged comic news from beyond our reaches.So please feel free to look around and join up on the forums at my humble home.

Sun, Mar. 13th, 2005, 03:56 pm

He tried for the CrossGen Universe, and now, word has come that John Taddeo has had the terms and conditions of his initial offer accepted by the trustee of the Acclaim estate to purchase the rights to the characters of the Valiant Universe.

The auction is currently set for mid-April.

Newsarama readers will recall that former Marvel Marketing Manager and former Tekno Comics staffer John Taddeo popped up most recently in September of last year when he made the initial bid ($500,000) for the assets of CrossGen Entertainment after it had filed for bankruptcy. Taddeo was a “stalking horse” in the bidding process with CrossGen, that is, it was hoped his bid would induce other parties to make their own bids for the CrossGen properties.

Ultimately, Taddeo was outbid, with Disney (through its subsidiary Cal Publishing, Inc.) winning the auction, and purchasing the assets of the company for $1 million.

Acclaim, meanwhile, declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy in early September of 2004, citing debts of more than $100 million. Chapter 7 bankruptcy requires the bankrupt party to liquidate all of its assets. An auction of the company’s physical assets (furnishings, videogames, office equipment, etc) was held in early December of last year.

Acclaim purchased Voyager Communications, Inc., the parent company of Valiant in June of 1994, with hopes to develop the characters and series into a line of successful multi-media properties, first moving them to videogames. Market conditions essentially tanked shortly after the purchase, with Valiant titles taking massive hit, and virtually all being cancelled.

In 1996, Acclaim relaunched a handful of the Valiant characters under the Acclaim Comics Valiant Heroes moniker (aka Valiant Heroes 2 or VH2, the second being a rather unfortunate nickname, as it brought about images of the adult contemporary music channel, VH1), but by the end of 1998, seeing orders drop, Acclaim suspended its comic book line. It resurfaced briefly in 1999 with two titles as well as Unity 2000, which was to jump-start the line again, but in the end, only three of the announced six issues of Unity 2000 were published.

By 2002, Acclaim had relinquished the rights to Magnus, Robot Fighter, Turok and Solar, Man of the Atom to Western Publishing (now controlled by Classic Media) (which has since licensed Magnus to Dark Horse and iBooks), but retained ownership of the remainder of the Valiant characters, including Rai, Ninjak, Archer and Armstrong, Bloodshot, X-O Manowar, Harbinger, Dr. Mirage, Eternal Warrior, Quantum and Woody, and others. Obtaining the copyrights to the properties will allow the winning bidder not only to resume exploitation of the characters in various media, but also allow for collection and publication of the original stories.

While Taddeo has remained behind the scenes since leaving the larger scope of comics, but as first reported in last Monday’s Lying in the Gutters, Taddeo is currently making plans to re-enter comics with his Assassination Entertainment.

Currently, the company’s major push is on its superhero title, Zoom Suit, written by Taddeo, with art by Bob Layton, Bart Sears, Billy Tucci, Billy Dallas Patton and Gene Colon. Along with the comic, a 70-minute Zoom Suit animated feature is being created for release in 2006. A 10-minute animated preview for the Zoom Suit. feature can be found at the company’s web site: www.assassinationentertainment.com.

Also, as previously reported, Taddeo, through Assassination Entertainment plans to release the comic series, America: Superpower, based on an idea originally owned by CrossGen Entertainment – and then called American Power.

Originally, the series was to have been written by Chuck Dixon, and illustrated by Greg Land, with a first issue to debut at 2004’s Free Comic Book Day. The comic caused a storm of controversy, mostly readers who found the company’s original cover (an obvious throwback to comic book covers of the World War II era) and solicitation information for the debut issue somewhat…nationocentric. The solicitation read:

Superstar artist Greg Land and master of action Chuck Dixon unleash America's new living weapons in the war against terror! They bomb civilians, hurt innocents, and spread fear. But those that have chosen to inflict pain will reap what they've sown! Now, the world's modern monsters will face a new, devastating and living arsenal! Supported by the technology, muscle and brainpower of the U.S. Armed Forces, the next stage in human evolution will scour the globe and deliver justice! Lock and load for high-stakes, high-explosive military action as the enhanced soldiers code-named Ivictus and Scapel
The new version of the series is to be written by New York Times best-selling author, Steve (Meg, Goliath) Alten, and will be illustrated by Alitha (Iron Man, Marvel Age Fantastic Four) Peter Palmiotti.

No release dates are set yet for either title.

Mon, Feb. 14th, 2005, 09:35 am
ny_xx: Shaun & Co. Shamble to IDW

After becoming a cult hit on its theatrical release in the US, and now, seeing wider acceptance and popularity as a DVD, Shaun of the Dead is set to become a comic book in June, courtesy of IDW Publishing.

The four issue miniseries will adapt the movie written by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg (Wright also directed, while Pegg starred as Shaun), expanding on what has already been told with the inclusion of scenes that didn’t make the cut of the film. IDW editor in Chief Chris Ryall will write the miniseries, with art by Zach Howard, with colors by Thompson Knox and covers by Jason Brashill.

"It all started with Ted Adams, out publisher and me, talking about projects with Universal," Ryall told Newsarama when asked how the Shaun ball got rolling. "The Underworld adaptation and subsequent miniseries we did last year was very successful for us, so we wanted to do more. I pushed hard for Shaun, since I loved the movie so much."

Ryall subsequently met with Wright when he was in town, and discusses a potential comic book, and what IDW could do with it. "That meeting went well, and here we are," Ryall said.

All in all, it wasn't that hard of a sell, given that Wright and Pegg are solidly into comics themselves. "I’ve seen Simon praising Robert Kirkman’s great Walking Dead comic in that book’s letters page, and Edgar grew up reading comics, too," Ryall said. "It turns out that British people can read, despite what we were all taught in school. But having both guys be comic guys made it was easy to discuss art styles and what sort of look they wanted for the book."

As for the source material itself, Ryall sees it as a no-brainier in terms of adaptation. "It’s got everything any good piece of entertainment should have—good characters, lots of humor, some violence and some tense scenes… and good use of the C-word, of course. Honestly, even if this comic hadn’t come about, I’d be saying the movie was one of the very best things I saw last year. The dialogue is outstanding, and the relationships between Shaun and his friends and girlfriend are portrayed in a very believable way. It’s just exactly the sort of thing I’d love to see as a comic."

Given its track receod of both film and videogame adaptations IDW has the pattern of producing a comic based on a known property down pat. "once we landed the property, we had to submit samples to Universal as well as to Edgar and Simon. Once they were approved, we were ready to roll. There were some great art samples for the book, but it was Zach who ultimately got the nod. This makes me happy—I met Zach at WizardWorld Chicago last year and instantly loved his stuff. In it, there are echoes of Richard Case, whose work on Doom Patrol was always a favorite of mine—and Mignola and others, and yet his style was also very much his own."

On the writing side, the Shaun miniseries marks Ryall's first comic work for IDW - something he had reconciled within his own mind that would be something small, and that only a few people would see. Lately, however, as the reality of the miniseries is becoming more concrete, the importance of the job at hand has hit him.

"It’s weird—it’s my first comic for IDW, and it’s an adaptation of a movie I loved," Ryall said. "So I feel immense pressure to get this right. So far, it’s been like writing for MoviePoopShoot.com [where Ryall also serves as editor]—like writing in a vacuum where I can pretend that no one’s really reading. Only, now that solicitations will be going around and it’s on the schedule and all of these other things that make it real, yeah, it’s starting to sink in.

"The thing with adaptations is that they seem basic and easy. You just re-write scenes and dialogue that’s already written, right? Except it doesn’t work like that. Some jokes work better visually than they do on paper, and making the action flow from panel to panel and page to page is entirely different than writing scenes for a movie. And Edgar and Simon are allowing me to work in deleted scenes and some bits that never made it into the movie, making this more of a 'director’s cut' than a straight adaptation. So I’ve worked hard to stay true to their movie and also make the book work and stand alone as a comic. It seems to be off to a good start—Simon and Edgar both sent back praise for the script and had no changes. So we’ll see. Ultimately, I want it to add to what they’ve done and offer a bit of a different take than the movie. That and I really don’t want to disappoint fans of the movie."

As Ryall mentioned, while Shaun is at heart, a zombie movie, its humor sets it apart, and that's the trick to making the comic ring true to the film version. "The challenge here is to find the bits that work on the comic page without losing any of the feel that Simon and Edgar brought to the film. I think I’ve struck a nice balance so far—it feels right to me. But of course I’d say that—I wrote it."

As stated, the four issue miniseries will debut in June. "From there," Ryall said, "we’re talking. It gets a little more complicated because while Edgar and Simon trusted me enough to do this adaptation, ultimately, it’s their characters so any sequels or additional stories would be written by them. And with both having upcoming movie gigs, well, we’ll see how that works out. If timing permits, I know we’d love to do more. They did one short Shaun-related story in 2000 A.D., but there are lots more."

Thu, Feb. 10th, 2005, 04:47 pm

Press Release


Echo 3 Worldwide and Digital Webbing are proud to announce that its first one-shot, BloodRayne: Skies Afire, has sold out from the publisher. To meet demand, the issue will immediately go back to press with BloodRayne: Skies Afire Second Printing (Diamond Item Code: DEC04 8345 F) and features a blueline sketch version of the original cover by Romano Molenaar. This edition also includes 4 pages of behind-the-scenes material which was not in the first printing.

The mysterious Brimstone Society has lurked just outside the fringes of mankind for ages. They keep a tight reign on the horrors of the world, and to accomplish this, they need agents just as horrifying. One of the Society's recruits is Agent BloodRayne--a dhampir. Her father...a powerful vampire. Her mother...a beautiful human. She inherited violence and power from one and compassion from the other. Luckily for the Society, she leans more towards her father's side when dealing with the supernatural threats of the world.

Based on Majesco’s popular video game, the BloodRayne comic books bring readers a darker look at the past. History and horror merge as Agent BloodRayne and the Brimstone Society slice their way through the demons of the night.

“The fan reaction to the first one-shot was simply amazing,” says Echo 3 Worldwide’s Steven O’Connell. “We knew we had a fantastic property featuring a hot, butt-kicking girl, with a throng of devotees, but I’m still surprised the book was able to sell out this quickly.”

“We will overprint the next one-shot, BloodRayne: Seeds of Sin in response to the first one-shots’ sell out,” says O’Connell. “Of course, we are also encouraging retailers to take advantage of this and increase their orders for upcoming issues accordingly.”

BloodRayne: Skies Afire (second printing) written by Steven O’Connell and Jefferey Stevenson, with art by Romano Molenaar, Marco Galli and Blond.

BloodRayne: Seeds of Sin is written by Christina Z (Witchblade, The Darkness) with art by Kody Chamberlain (30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Tales) and ships end of March/Early April.


--Retailers can order BloodRayne: Skies Afire Second Printing (Diamond Item Code: DEC04 8345 F) or BloodRayne: Seeds of Sin (JAN05 2654) by contacting their Diamond Customer Service Representative

Fri, Feb. 4th, 2005, 12:36 am

Press Release

Ted McKeever Enlisted for IDW’s Upcoming War Little Book of Horror: The War of the Worlds Will Retell H.G. Wells’s Classic Tale

Following the launch of IDW’s new Little Books of Horror line this March, Frankenstein by Steve Niles and Scott Morse, comes a re-imagining of H.G. Wells’s The War of the Worlds. Joining writer Niles for this special project is artist Ted McKeever (Metropol), who will provide full page spreads and a painted cover to accompany Niles’s prose story.

The Little Book of Horror series presents classic horror tales in a new light, as writer Steve Niles is paired with unique illustrators to re-tell stories that follow the text of the original tales. Up next
will be Niles and artist Richard Sala’s take on Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but before that book appears, readers will be taken to War.

“This isn’t The War of the Worlds you watched on TV, ” said IDW Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall, “and I guarantee you won’t see Tom Cruise or Dakota Fanning on these pages. This book features all the horror that H.G. Wells brought to bear in his novel, with the bonus of seeing the story beautifully illustrated by the warped mind of Ted McKeever.”

“The idea behind these books was to tell classic horror stories of books and films like you're explaining them to a friend. I call it campfire storytelling,” says Niles. “Short, simple and to the point
with fantastic artwork. I love the three we've assembled so far and I can't wait to watch the library grow.”

Little Book of Horror: The War of the Worlds, a full-color, 48-page, 6” x 9” HC, will be available in July.

Thu, Feb. 3rd, 2005, 05:01 pm
ny_xx: Phoenix End Song #2 Goes Back To Press

This book just doesn't quit yet another sellout its hot people

Posted: Thursday, February 3
Posted By: Mike Storniolo
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Marvel Comics announces that PHOENIX-ENDSONG #2 has completely sold out from Diamond Comics and that backorders once again are mounting, at the same blistering pace as issue #1...and just like that first issue, #2 will return to store shelves in the form of a new Limited Edition Variant.

Says Marvel's Director of Sales, David Gabriel, "This is one of those
series where the story is so compelling, and the illustrations so
stunning, that we couldn't wait for the retailers and fans to see the
book. Now that it's gotten out there and blowing out of stores, it's
confirmed what we've always known internally: we had a phenomenal piece of art on our hands. Prepping variant printings of issue #1, and now issue #2, was an incredibly easy decision."

PHOENIX-ENDSONG is written by award-winning film writer and director Greg Pak, and fully realized on the page with the brilliant art of Greg Land, with inks by Matt Ryan and colors by Justin Ponsor.

Senior Editor Mike Marts couldn't be more proud of the book, "Both
readers and retailers continue to prove there's extreme demand for this series. Hats off to writer Greg Pak and artist Greg Land for delivering yet another sellout issue!" The Limited Edition Variant printing of PHOENIX-ENDSONG #2, featuring a re-colored cover with Phoenix in her green costume, hits stands on 2/23/2005, the same day as issue #3. X-MEN PHOENIX ENDSONG #2 LTD ED VARIANT COVER (DEC048068)

Tue, Feb. 1st, 2005, 10:48 am
ny_xx: Arcana's Ant Heads to Image Comics

by Benjamin Ong Pang Kean

Ants are creatures of little strength but sometimes, the things that look simple in life can teach us some of the most important lessons. Even though their "brain" is less than one-tenth the size of a pinhead, ants live in highly organized social colonies. Ants are known to be hardworking bugs with a “never say die” attitude.

For newcomer Mario Gully, he’s never given up on his comic, Ant. In an earlier interview, he said: “I would like to tell all the wishful creators out there reading this thread to fight for what you want. I do possess a little talent but I am four times ambitious than talented. Ambition will get you very far in life. "There are 5,000 would be comic creators that die every year due to procrastination".

”Never give up.”

For Gully, it’s always been his lifelong dream to bring Ant to Image Comics.

And Image took notice.

This September, Ant will debut from the house of new ideas.

“I have been bugging Image for years,” Gully told Newsarama. “My goal has always been to be at Image. I love the company. You can see it in my style of art. I bothered [Image Publisher] Erik [Larsen] until he gave me a chance to prove that I was ready for "prime time" as he calls it. At first on the fence about my ability as a new and young creator in the doors at Image. I had to prove that I was up for the majors. I think I proved it with my new stuff. And that was that.

“Ant did very well at Arcana. I think pretty much all the Ant books are gone. The response of the book overall has been overwhelming. Now that I'm on the best playing field for Ant that could possibly happen. I think things are gonna be even better.”

Ant is an original story about a little girl overcoming obstacles in her life and growing up to become the greatest hero ever. “A real hero,” Gully said. “That started from nothing. Ant is a reflection of my own personal life. I came from nothing. No art background. No history drawing for Marvel under my belt. Just a poor kid with ambition. I created Ant under very hard conditions for hope of a better tomorrow. I wanted to be a comic book artist. That's all. But that was a dream I thought I would have never imagined. Ant is just that.”

Erik Larsen praised the creator and said that Ant is going to be a great book. “There are a number of creators who have, over time, proven through hard work that they are "Image-worthy.

“I saw Ant as a book that was very raw, very rough -- but one with a lot of potential. Mario Gully's work has improved over the years and he has grown a great deal as both a writer and an artist and it simply got to a point where he could no longer be ignored.

“That was what I responded to -- not so much what Ant was but rather what Ant could be. When I talked to Mario about the book, I came to him with a number of concerns and suggestions and Mario surprised me by rattling off a number of changes he wanted to make to his book and before I could say anything, he'd addressed them all. We were really seeing eye-to-eye on this.

“I expect that Ant is really going to turn some heads. Those already familiar with Ant will be surprised to see the new twists being injected into the title and Mario's art has taken a huge leap. He's really at a new level.

“At this point, what I'm looking to see is Ant get integrated into the Image Universe and that's a first step.”

With Ant set firmly in the Image Universe, Gully is excited about the notion of using iconic Image characters in his book. And he gets to do just that in the first few issues of the new volume.

Many have likened Gully’s art to that of former Spawn artist Greg Capullo. And Gully is going to live his dream of not only drawing the Savage Dragon but also Spawn in the new series. “To my delight, Todd McFarlane saw fit to let Mario use Spawn in an upcoming issue,” Larsen said. “It's like a classic old school Image book from the early '90s. Mario's very enthusiastic and he's willing to push things and do what he can to improve.”

“Ant fans will see a Mario Gully they have never seen before,” Gully promised. “Erik has taken me under his wing and is molding me into a better artist. I am very young to comics and having a mentor like The Dragon in my corner is as good as it gets. I'm one of the guys that he is really hands on even though his schedule is so demanding. It's an honor. And I'm treated like family at Image at a very short time. It's crazy.

“The new Ant series takes place a year after Ant #4. Hanna is all grown up and is putting the pieces back together in her life. She woke up in a mental hospital and realized she isn't eight years old anymore. A traumatic event occurs when she was Ant and now she is trying to live up to the hype of being the greatest hero this world has ever known. But she doesn't remember being Ant at all and that is only half of her battles.

“In the first story arc she battles a great enemy of the The Savage Dragon. And Ant goes head to head with the big guy Spawn in issue #3! I can't say more than that right now. This is gonna be a wild ride for Image fans, I assure you that.”

The first Ant series is available in the Ant: Days Like These trade paperback from Arcana Studios. Issue #1 of the new Ant will be available from Image Comics in the July issue of Previews, and will go on sale this September.

Tue, Feb. 1st, 2005, 10:46 am
ny_xx: Beau Smith Leaves Idw Publishing

Beau Smith has left his position as IDW Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Smith issued a press release announcing the move. According to the release, his prospects seem limited. "I'm a free agent. Freelance," he said. "I'll be gettin' fitted for my blue vest at Wal-Mart this afternoon....It's going to be just like the movie The Magnificient Seven, only without the other six guys and the magnificent part," Smith grumbled as he cut up his IDW credit card.

Those with long memories can be forgiven for being skeptical about Smith's lack of prospects, recalling that his announcement that he was leaving Todd McFarlane Productions a few years back (see "Beau Smith Leaves Todd McFarlane Productions") was followed one day later with the announcement that he was joining IDW (see "Beau Smith Joins IDW"), effectively getting covered in two consecutive news cycles for one job change.
coutesy of Icv2

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